About us


Lead Staff

Pinanong Temtub
Executive Chef

Stefano Ratti
Visiting Chef

Chantima Channam
General Manager

Smart Dindang
F&B Manager





— Since 1987 —

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary of Poda beachfront dining, we are proud to mark this milestone by revamping the menu through collaborations between our original Chef Pinanong; with her 30 years of specialty in Thai food, a talented young Italian chef Stefano Ratti; with his extensive experiences with several Michelin star restaurants.

This results in a new dining experience for Poda. We remain truthful to the authentic
taste of Thai, but enhance it with a contemporary touch and style. Stefano & Laura also brings their traditional Italian cuisines using fresh & local ingredients.

Our menu features combinations of our all time favourite Thai dishes and new selections of handmade  Italian pastas.

We focus on the freshness and quality of our food. Our vegetable and fruits are organic and grown in our garden.  Our seafood are sourced directly from local fishermen.